Prague based neo-funk band De ImperfAction brought together a group of talented aspiring musicians from all over the globe. Their compositions reflect a wide range of social injustice: they speak up about growing lack of privacy on a planet and the enormous amount of rape and murder in the world; about our hardened unholy generation and people becoming social toys; about the losers and wanna-be ones and disconnection and desolation of a modern man, lost and outcast.

Their style is a quirky mix of a heavy funk rock with the bits of rap set on the Baroque music influenced harmonies, more in the vein of RATM, who often mentioned as the closest reference to the band’s sound.

Initially as a hip hop project, the band was formed in 2013 by their bassist, Nicolas Wind, a cosmopolitan composer and multi-instrumentalist. Since that time the group played a number of local gigs, festivals and competitions, while shaping out their unique style and gaining stage experience. The band released a few music videos and in August 2017 they’ve recorded live their first album, Da strange wayz ov luv, and two singles, TV suicide and A Laughing Boy, both of which were also released as music clips.

In April 2018 after five years for a number of reasons the band decided to break up. However in July 2018 a new line-up was announced and so the band had taken a fresh start.

Helo Fernandes - vocals
Isard Aguilo – guitar
Nicolas Wind - bass 
Lukos Hey
- drums

Music & text: Nicolas Wind and Claudia da Veiga

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